References to 'Side-effects of antileprosy drugs in common use'

1985 Leprosy Review  
Lepr Rev (1985) 56, 61-70 SPECIA L ARTICLE References to 'Side-effects of antileprosy drugs in common use'* (Jopling WHo Editorial, Lepr Rev 1983; 54: 261-70) W H JOPLING 389a Holmesdale Road, South Norwood, London SE25 6PN Dapsone For general reviews of dapsone's side-effects, see (I) Graham WR. Adverse effects of dapsone. In t J Dermatol, 1975; 14: 494-500; (2) Leading Article. Adverse reactions to dapsone. Lancet, 1981; 2: 184-5. 1. BLOOD (a) Haemolysis Cream 11, Scott GL. Anaemia in
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