The MATLAB based SDR design in High Level System Architecturefor Noise Analysis

Shrikant Upase, Rekhalabade Head
2017 unpublished
Wireless communication networks have become more popular in the past two decades since the advent of cellular communications. The rapid growth in cellular communications has proved that wireless communication is viable for voice and data services. Traditional wireless devices are designed to deliver a single communication service using a particular standard. Software defined radio is an emerging technology, for multi-service, multi-standard, multi-band, reconfigurable radio systems, which are
more » ... ystems, which are reprogrammable by software. Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a flexible architecture which can be configured to adapt various wireless standards, waveforms, frequency bands, bandwidths, and modes of operations. A software defined radio is a transmitter and receiver system that uses digital signal processing (DSP) for coding, decoding, modulating, and demodulating data. In this Paper, we proposed the analysis of noise levels with respect to all type of parameters associated with SDR. For that we have to plot graph accordingly for sent and received signal.Also, we will produce the optimize model with minimum noise in transmission and the development of a framework for the design and implementation of software defined radio based wireless communication systems