Foundation Reinforcement Method of Railway Logistics Center Station Based on Deformation Control and Thermodynamics

Zhiping Peng, Xiumiao Liu, Kuangying Zhao, Deepak Gupta
2022 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
In view of the existing methods of foundation reinforcement considering the deformation of the site and the poor effect of the foundation reinforcement, a method of the foundation reinforcement of a railway logistics center station based on deformation control and thermodynamics is proposed. The basic principle of thermodynamics is introduced, and the influence of temperature on the soil properties of foundation is analyzed. Based on the analysis of the engineering geology and hydrogeological
more » ... nditions of the site, the deformation of the site is calculated, the bearing capacity of the surrounding environment of the foundation pit to the additional deformation is analyzed, and the reinforcement mechanism of the yard foundation in the railway logistics center is proposed to realize the reinforcement of the yard foundation. The experimental results show that this method can use the least tamping pit filler under the same conditions, with a minimum of 7.34 m3 to realize foundation reinforcement, the maximum ground settlement is only 5.98 mm, and the maximum lateral displacement of pile top is only 6 mm, which can meet the actual requirements and has high practical value.
doi:10.1155/2022/6340064 fatcat:3wlqyww67jb7dc7mr7edxqn43i