Modélisation et commande du moteur piézoélectrique à onde progressive

Matteo Bullo
Piezoelectric motors are resonant vibromotors. They represent a new actuator generation in the field of servo-drives. In particular, the travelling wave ultrasonic motor presents a high torque at low speed, a zero speed torque without feeding, low sensitivity to electromagnetic disturbances as well as being a more compact solution if compared to conventional electromagnetic motors. Much researches has been performed by others to determine an analytical model based on the identification of an
more » ... ctromagnetic equivalent circuit or on exploitation of a theoretical model based on numerical approaches, which use finite elements methods. While leading to satisfactory analysis, these modeling methods can hardly be exploited in the design of control algorithms. Indeed, they require considerable processing resources to generate and visualize the results. For this reason, we introduce in this thesis, an analytical model that is easily adaptable to operational applications and control techniques. The proposed analytical model has been validated by comparing measured characteristics with those obtained in simulations, which was possible thanks to the realization of a modular test bench.
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-3348 fatcat:kemlfxwqunhu5mdu6mj6cyrcbq