The Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, August 22, 1921] [article]

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FOR'iy-KK^HTH YEAR. BIG® LINER INWLD READY FOR SERVICE c. AUK. L'l'-The new i be put in ser • New York Soutliainiiluii (he In-iiext\»prlnK, 1 rca'ntile Marli Mujesilc. I! been called the by the oriitliial Certiiun MOW belli!! finished at The giant craft which is s larger Ilian the Ixiviathian s larger than the Olyy a crew of 1100 and ,............ ■ nccDniniodatlon for She.Is e«|iil(>ped with four engines capable of de veloping to C4.000 horse pow-"r. Her noriiial speed will be about :'3 knols.
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