1885 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The marble statue by Mr. Boehm, erected by the admirers of Mr. Charles Darwin in his honor, has been completed and placed in the main hall of the building containing the natural history collections of the British Museum at, South Kensington. Professor Huxlevdelivered the address at its inauguration. It stands at the first landing of the great staircase, says the London Times, " as though to welcome all coming generations of students as they enter the door of the building in which so many of the
more » ... hich so many of the materials of their work are gathered together. So far as was possible, Mr. Boehm has rendered the very features and character of his subject; and all Mr. Darwin's friends agree that a likeness more characteristic, whether in face or attitude, could hardly have been produced, even by a sculptor who had been intimately acquainted with him in his lifetime. The head is full of dignity : the great brow, the flowing beard, the expression, full at once of intense thought and human feeling, have been caught and fixed in the marble."
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