Silicon Powder and Ash Concrete Dynamic Performance

Yong ZHANG, Hong-wei LIU, Yu-song LU
2017 DEStech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research  
Through SHPB dynamic impact test, the dosage of silicon powder and fly ash in the concrete was researched, then the paper studied silicon powder and fly ash content on the effect of dynamic mechanical properties of concrete. The results showed that: Influence the dynamic compressive strength is FJSG, FJGS, FGJS, with the increase of the strain rate, that is the increase of the impact speed, the influence on the dynamic compressive strength of the concrete by the silicon powder also increases
more » ... erimental Program and Specimen Making Experiment Materials The experiment uses the common P  O52.5 concrete produced by the Huaihai Zhonglian concrete L.T.D. in XuZhou, the sand is the common river sand, the aggregate meets the continuous grading demand that the maximum particle diameter is 20mm. Water is the drinking water in XuZhou, water reducing agent is the efficient MN water reducing agent produced by the YunLong concrete additive plant in XuZhou, the water reducing rate is 15%-25%. The silicon powder is the TOPKEN920U tiny silicon powder produced by the Tiankai silicon powder materials L.T.D. in Shanghai. The ash is from heat-engine plant in XuZhou, the loss on ignition is 5%, the fineness is 17, the density is 2.35g/cm 3 , belongs to Ⅱ ash. The paper considers four factors and three standards, which is water binder ratio, silicon powder, the dosage of the ash, sand coarse aggregate ratio. Conduct a design on the orthogonal test of mixing silicon powder and ash, for comparison, the paper also design the comparison experiment on mixing silicon powder, ash only.
doi:10.12783/dtetr/icamm2016/7386 fatcat:fyyc537rwfgh3i6i26moumxcue