1890 The Lancet  
475 Lassar of Berlin, will give his report ; the eminent chemist, Professor A. W. von .Hofmann of Berlin, will sum up the results of the investigations in natural science since the founding of the Society; city architect Franzius of Bremen will describe the phenomena of the tidal wave from Heligoland to Bremen; and Professor Chun of Konigsberg will discourse on the pelagic fauna at great depths. On the 16th the members will meet in the sections and visit insti. tutions, and will be entertained
more » ... y the senate of the city in the Exchange in the evening. On the 17th, after the revision of the statutes and the election of the president &c., Professor Ostwald of Leipsic will speak on the old and the new in chemistry, Professor Rosenthal of Erlangen on Lavoisier, and what he did for the advancement of our views of the life processes ; Professor Engler of Karlsruhe on petroleum ; and there will be a banquet in the afternoon in the Park House. On the 18th there will be sectional meetings, visits of inspection, excursions, and a ball in the rooms of the Artists' Club in the evening. On the 19th Professor Winkler of Freiberg, in Saxony, will discuss the question of the nature of the chemical elements; Dr. Warburg will describe what he saw on his journeys in Southern and Eastern Asia ; Dr. Rode of Norderney will speak of the children's hospital on that island. The Sections will sit in the afternoon ; and the members will meet in a free-and-easy style in the Rathskeller (one of the most celebrated places of refreshment in Germany) in the evening. On the 20th the members will make excursions by land and sea to Bremerhaven, Lylt, and Norderney. Members of the Congress are urgently ad. vised to communicate their wishes as regards lodgings to the Presidentof the Lodging and Reception Office, Herr Hermann Frese, Ansgariikirchhof, 1, Bremen, as soon as possible. Berlin, August 26th. __ __________ Two weeks ago we had to chronicle the decease of one of the most distinguished physicians of Belfast--Dr. J. W. T. Smith. To-day we announce, with deep regret, the death of one of the ablest surgeons-Mr. Samuel Browne,-which took place at his residence, Lindisfarne, Strandtown, Belfast, on Aug. 26th, at the advanced age of ] eighty-one years. The deceased was the son of the Rev. Solomon Browne, Presbyterian minister of Castle-" dawson, county Derry, and nephew of the late well-known Rev. Dr. John Browne, of Aghadowey. Educated at Dublin, Glasgow, and London, he became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1851, a Licentiate of the King and Queen's College of Physicians in 1859, and a Member in 1881. After retiring from the Royal Navy, in which he was a Staff Surgeon, Mr. Browne began practice in Belfast about fifty years ago. At first he was surgeon to the General Dispensary and afterwards to the Royal Hospital (or, as it was then styled, the General Hospital). From this he retired several years ago, when his son joined the staff, and he has since been consulting surgeon. Mr. Browne took a special interest in ophthalmic surgery, and it was through his energy that the first special hospital in Belfast was established. This was the Ophthalmic, which was founded by him, as he stated, "in a modest way in Mill field " for the treatment of affections of the eye and ear. This institution has, through the kindness of the late Sir Wm. and Lady Johnston, developed into the large building, the Belfast Ophthalmic Hospital, of which Dr. J. Walton Browne is now senior surgeon. Mr. Browne was an en-
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