Spatial Scales of Stress-Carrying Nearshore Turbulence*

John Trowbridge, Steve Elgar
2003 Journal of Physical Oceanography  
Measurements from a horizontal array of velocity sensors indicate that the alongshore scales of turbulence contributing to the near-bottom Reynolds stress just seaward of the surf zone on an ocean beach range from 0 to approximately 4 times the height of the measurements above the seafloor, with shorter scales during stable stratification than during neutral or unstable stratification. The dependence of alongshore turbulence scales on the stratification, Reynolds stress, and height above the
more » ... height above the bottom is consistent with semiempirical results from the atmospheric surface layer, implying similar dynamics of near-boundary turbulence in the atmosphere and the shallow coastal ocean. * Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Contribution Number 10558.
doi:10.1175/1520-0485(2003)033<1122:ssosnt>;2 fatcat:um63gmpnwjfaxbx4yf6qrp4uai