Study on effectiveness of communication amongst members at department of orthopedics surgery unit 3 using smartphone and mobile WhatsApp

Pradeep Choudhari
2014 International Surgery Journal  
INTRODUCTION For communication between the members of any division in the surgical field, perhaps the most frequently used method is a verbal report via telephones. Telephone communication can be rapid but not objective and precise. To add more accurate information to the verbal report, clinical photographs taken by digital cameras were transmitted as downloadable files between computers having modem and telephone link as telemedicine has gained popularity in the late 1990's. 1 With advance in
more » ... 1 With advance in internet access in late 2000s, images were transferred through internet lines by commonly used internet portals accessed by personal computers or by mobile phones. More recently photographs taken by Smartphone were transferred to another smartphone. 2, 3 WhatsApp is an early stage technology startup founded to build a better short message service alternative. It is a proprietary cross platform instant messaging application for smart phones. Santa Clara, California based company WhatsApp Inc. that was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum 4 developed it. In this study, we discussed our communication method reflecting the latest mobile environment using a smartphone and WhatsApp. In addition, we analyzed the influence of this method on the time limit of management ABSTRACT Background: The objective of this study was to assess the effectiveness of smartphone and its WhatsApp application as a communication method amongst the members of department of orthopedic surgery unit 3 at SAIMS. Methods: From January 2013 onwards, the authors used smart phones and its WhatsApp application as a communication method amongst their team for various aspects of patient management and as a tool for academic endorsements. Results: During the period of this study, there were 95 incidences regarding patient management, which were handled, in a timely fashion by using this application. In addition opinion of residents in the unit was sought regarding the effectiveness of this method of communication. Overall majority of residents were satisfied with this mode of communication. Conclusion: This new method of communication is an effective method for clinical and academic endorsements. The method is cheap and quick and easy to operate.
doi:10.5455/2349-2902.isj20140504 fatcat:vgn2yxqw4rb2tg3ls2msaj4s24