Educação infantil em discurso:formação docente e estratégias pedagógicas

Rafael Bianchi Silva
2014 Zero-a-seis  
This paper reports on research carried out with the purpose of discussing children's education, their strategies of pedagogical work and teacher training to work in this context, especially with regard to the role of teaching coordination. Initially, we performed a literature search in which it was possible to map the educator's role and its practical scanned from the goals of early childhood education. In a second step, we describe a field study in which three interviews were conducted with
more » ... e conducted with subjects who are at different moments in training as educators. It was observed that there is a concern with the initial teacher training courses in Pedagogy and difficult relationship with the vision care as a discourse that blurs the pedagogical dimension in early childhood education. At the same time, none of the interviewees indicates a critical posture around the structure of the school and the involvement of the same changes as agents of the present conditions. We conclude that it is necessary to resume a debate about human training offered by the school and the conditions of training that involves the construction of teacher performance.
doi:10.5007/1980-4512.2014n29p69 fatcat:3z4nmg2ckbh35bfajr6xe3ljlq