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1872 Journal of the Chemical Society (Resumed)  
A. A a r l a n d , Gt., and E. C a r s t a n j e n , electrolysis of itaconic acid, 144. Abel, J. 8., obituary notice of, 342. A b e l j an z, derivatives of dichlorinated d'Achiardi, A., minerals €rom Elba, Adger, J. B., analysis of compact talc Aeby, C., well-water of towns, 845. d e Aguiar, A., nitronaphthalenes, 699. A1 brec h t, Max., methylmercaptantrisulphonic acid, methylmercaptandisulphonic acid, and methyl-alcoholtrisulphonic acid, 403. Allen, A. H., on metastaunic acid and the
more » ... acid and the detection and estimation of tin, 274. solubility of gold, and stability of auric nitrate and sulphate, 285. Amag at, M., expansion of moist gases, 666. Amato, D., action of potassium chloride on dichloracetic acid, 4-01. synthesis of condensed hydrocarbons, 681. Anderson, T., composition of farmyard manure, 522. the sources of potash-salts and their use as manures, 523. Apjohn, R., occurrence and detection of vanadium in trap-rocks, 1116. d e YArbre, W. F., compounds of alkaloids with bile-acids, 829. A r m s t r o n g, H. E ., bromophenoldisulphonic acid, 866. nitration-products of the dichlorophenolsulphonic acids, 93. observations on the nitrochlorophenols, 12. and F. D. Brown, formation of substituted nitrophenolsulphonic acids, 869 -nitration-products of the dibromophenolsulphonic acids, 857. Arnold, E., obituary notice of, 342. Ascher, M a x , tri-substitution deriva-ether, 606. 991. from North Carolina, 681. tives of benzene, 239. VOTJ. XXV. A t h e n s t a d t , J., behaviour of dialysed A t terberg, A., and P. Cleves, bromo-Auerbach, Gt., artificial alizarin, 622. oxide of iron, 2'70. molybdous compounds, 1080. B a u m h a u e r , H., action of hydrogen bromide on nitronaphthalene, 136. spectrum of the vapour of water, 280. J a r i s c h , A., inorganic constituents of the blood, 831. J a z u k o w i t s c h , N., a product of the decomposition of cliloromethylsulphurous acid, 997. J e a n , F., estimation of glucose, 179. sodium sulphide as a blowpipe re-J e a n n e l , Dr., gas thermo-regulator for J e h n , C., action of mercuric oxide 011 Jones, R., on superphosphate, 268. J u n g f l e i s c h and B e r t h e l o t . See agent, 524. high temperatures, 667. iodide of potassium, 987. B e r t h e l o t. K. K a c h l e r , J., compounds of the cam-K a r s t e n , H., a simple quicksilver lute,
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