Bubbles on manifolds with a U(1) isometry

Iosif Bena, Nikolay Bobev, Nicholas P Warner
2007 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We investigate the construction of five-dimensional, three-charge supergravity solutions that only have a rotational U(1) isometry. We show that such solutions can be obtained as warped compactifications with a singular ambi-polar hyper-Kahler base space and singular warp factors. We show that the complete solution is regular around the critical surface of the ambi-polar base. We illustrate this by presenting the explicit form of the most general supersymmetric solutions that can be obtained
more » ... can be obtained from an Atiyah-Hitchin base space and its ambi-polar generalizations. We make a parallel analysis using an ambi-polar generalization of the Eguchi-Hanson base space metric. We also show how the bubbling procedure applied to the ambi-polar Eguchi-Hanson metric can convert it to a global AdS_2xS^3 compactification.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2007/08/004 fatcat:7mjwpt3dsbfyzjser3byhuvupi