Ayudar al fumador: Tratar el tabaquismo

M. Torrecilla García, M. Barrueco Ferrero, C. A. Jiménez Ruiz, M. A. Hernández Mezquita, M. D. Plaza Martín, M. González Bustos
2001 Medifam: revista de medicina familiar y comunitaria  
Once analyzed the situation of the smoker's p e r sonal abandonment tobacco process as well as the degree of nicotin dependence, his therapeutic tackling can be accomplished through either a non pharmacological or pharmacological treatment. The non pharmacological treatment is based on the so called supportive smoking cessation counseling and the phase out of tobacco consumption, and the pharmacological treatment is based on nicotine re p l a c ement therapy (of wich there are three different
more » ... e three different forms in Spain: chewing gums, transdermal nicotine patch or nasal sprays) and also on the so called bupro p i o n that has been recently marketed in our country. There are other pharmacological treatments which, owing to their characteristics use, exceed the aim of this article: that is, to facilitate a training in the therapeutic methods that have demonstrated its efficiency and that, in a feasible way, can be used in any P r i m a ry Health Care surg e ry.
doi:10.4321/s1131-57682001000400003 fatcat:n2eyxecmqvf5pcnp3ybylj2zni