А. Н. Нарожный
2021 Open Information and Computer Integrated Technologies  
A possible component of dark matter is considered. Astronomer began to talk about this matter for a long time, when the speed of movement of galaxies in the clusters was coordinated with classical mechanics. Subsequently, the idea of dark matter became used in the dynamics of stars and lineling phenomena. The observational data of astronomy and astrophysics indicate another path, which leads to the idea of the existence of dark matter, if these data are considered through the prism of the main
more » ... rinciples and laws of natural science. On this path, the component of dark matter (DM) appears as an environment in the universe necessary to ensure the life of galaxies. The origin of the dark matter and the functions performed by it are binding to star electromagnetic radiation (SER). Features of the interaction of a two-component system - DM and SER - the basis of all further conclusions. First of all, the outer space is considered filled with subtle forms of matter. It is assumed that DM belongs to them. The presence of two giant material objects distributed over the entire space of the Universe, DM and SER - means their interaction among themselves. First, it follows from dialectic, arguing about the relationship of phenomena in nature. Secondly, from the interpretation of the results of measurements of cosmic microwave radiation obtained by the Arcade system (NASA, 2006). A two-component environment - DM and SER - contains all the baryon matter of the universe, ranging from elementary particles and ending with galactic clusters. Support for "life" of baryon matter is carried out through a number of functions performed by this medium. It is assumed that the star radiation, spreading the space, gives its energy to the dark component. The photons shifted into the microwave region are capable of pairing unaging among themselves in counter courses and small sighting distances. Appearing bosons particles correlate with dark matter. These particles have zero spin or two. Their spectrum of mass turns out to be continuous, the maximum mass of the particle is given. The assumption of energy transmission by a quantum dissemination environment and the microwave hypothesis is consistently explained by many observation results. First of all, it is a red shift in galaxies spectra and the presence of a large cosmic microwave background with its intensity variations at relatively small time intervals. DM particles due to the gravitational interaction return the energy back to its baryonic sources. At the same time, the dark component additionally fills the central supermassive object of the galaxy, which in the quasar phase conducts utilization of star waste with hydrogen regeneration. It is DM that provides large energies allocated by quasars. Given the small part of the star matter, turning into the SER, it is shown that the particles of DM are a medium with a relatively low temperature. It is concluded that DM and SER are a comprehensive dynamic environment in which the baryon matter of the universe lives and develops. Through this two-component "ocean" of matter, all major metabolic processes supporting the "life" of galaxies are carried out.
doi:10.32620/oikit.2021.93.11 fatcat:h7x25izyynb53m4rdqvjn3hz4y