On the coefficients of absorption of nitrogen and oxygen in distilled water and sea-water, and of atmospheric carbonic acid in sea-water

Charles J. J. Fox
1909 Transactions of the Faraday Society  
The object of the present series of ineasureineiits was primarily the determination of the absorption coefficients of nitrogen, oxygen, and atmospheric carbonic acid in sea-water. These coefficients have of late years acquired some special significance, notably in connection with that group of physical problems of which Arrhenius's work on the diatherinancy of the atmospheric gases, particularly carbonic acid, and its effect upon terrestrial temperatures, is typical, and again in connection
more » ... n in connection with those matters of biological interest which are concerned with the dynamic processes of pelagic life. In addition, the absorption coefficients of nitrogen and oxygen in distilled water are not ltnown with great exactness, and it is believed that the present series of determinations will be of some interest from that point of view also. * Estreicher, Zcit. fiir $liysiknl. Clieiiiic, 31, p. 176 ; Ostwald-Luther, Pl~ysikocliciiiische Aicssiiirgcrr, ate hufgabe, p. 274. t In linear inillimctres. The tube A was calibrated for volume by cutting it from the.rest of the appar;itus, sealing a tap on at the bottom, and then running out and weighing quantities of mercury in the usual way. case of argon of about 0'2 to 5 per cent., in the case of helium of 0.5 to 10 per
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