The Effect of Intra-uterine Infusion of Diluted IodineCompounds during EarlyPostpartum on Reproductive Efficiency ofCoss-bred Dairy Cows [dataset]

Iosr Journals, Faisal Omer Ahmed, Mohammed Syed Mohammed Nour
2015 Figshare  
This study was conducted to compare betweenthe effects of intra-uterine infusion of diluted iodine compounds (1%Lugol's iodine and 2%Povidone iodine)on the postpartum (PP) reproductive efficiency in dairy cowshaving uterine bacterial infection. The reproductive effeiciency during PP was evaluated by studing six reproductive traits. These traits were uterine involution (UI), appearance of the first dominant folicle(DF), recrodescence of the first oestrous(FO), length of days open(DO), number of
more » ... pen(DO), number of service per conception (NSC) and calving interval(CI). Sixty cross-bred dairy cows (4 -6 years) diagnosed having uterine bacterial infection during early PP wasrecruiteded for this study. The cows divided randomly into three equal groups (A), (B) and (C) 20 cows each. Group A and B were intra-uterine infused with 1% Lugol's iodine and 2% PovidoneIdine respectively on day 5 PP. Group C was left untreated to serve as a control. The above mentioned parameterswere evaluated. The result of the current study showed that intra uterine infusion of 1% Lugol's Iodine or 2% Povidone Iodine during early PP significantly improved (P<0.0001) all reproductive traits compared to the control. It is concluded that, the reduced reproductive efficiency of cross-bred dairy cows is most likely to be due to early PP uterine bacterialinfection that decreases reproductive efficiency. Intra-uterine infusion of either 1% Lugol's Iodine or2% Povidone Iodine could be applied successfully for improvement of the PP reproductive performance of cross-bred dairy cows. The Effect of Intra-uterine Infusion of Diluted IodineCompounds during ....
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1453232.v1 fatcat:2n3pbnbovfe4dhsxiwh2ufw3gy