Runoff properties of extreme discharges on Paraná and Uruguay rivers

W. Vargas, S. Bischoff, G. Naumann, E. Marcuzzi
2010 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions  
Climate variability in different spatial scales is a study area which has reached interest in application, especially during de last years. River discharges can be considered as a robust integrator of the properties of the basin; under these premises the goal of this work is to analyse flows from the Paraná and Uruguay rivers in several gauge stations 5 and study the behavior of positive and negative anomalies and their extremes. The variable to be analysed was defined as the number of
more » ... number of anomalies with the same sign per year. Results show that the structures are different for both rivers, which implies a different stochastic process. Identical representativeness was found between the anomaly series in each river. The risk estimation of extremes in both rivers indicates 10 that it is possible to establish a decision model. Additionally, the series of annual number of anomalies presented a climatic jump in the seventies, for both rivers.
doi:10.5194/hessd-7-2949-2010 fatcat:krgvaykmdraohlvzpm5pazbspm