ISOCAM survey and dust models of 3CR radio galaxies and quasars

R. Siebenmorgen, W. Freudling, E. Krügel, M. Haas
2004 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
We present a survey of all 3CR sources imaged with ISOCAM onboard the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO). For the source, we present spatially integrated mid--infrared (MIR, 5 - 18mic.) fluxes measured from newly calibrated ISOCAM images. In total, we detected 68 AGN of the 3CR catalogue, at redshifts z < 2.5. The one with the highest redshift is 4C+72.26 at z = 3.53. ISOCAM data are combined with other photometric measurements to construct the spectral energy distribution (SED) from optical to
more » ... ) from optical to radio wavelengths. In order to describe dust emission we apply new radiative transfer models. By varying three parameters, luminosity, effective size and extinction, we obtain a fit to the SED for our objects. In the MIR the hot dust component is mainly due to small grains and PAHs. In the models, a type 1 AGN is represented by a compact dust distribution, the dust is therefore very warm and emission of PAHs is weak because of photo--destruction. In AGNs of type 2, the dust is relatively colder but PAH bands are strong.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20035908 fatcat:y7u7ud6xlfcihmjfcnlr2n3r6y