Preparation of poly (acro-yellow hydroxamic acid) from the polymer (methyl acrylate) and study use it in the water purification from heavy metal elements

Saddaa Gamal
2013 Journal of education and science  
The aim of this research is the preparation of Poly (Methylacrylate) by a free radical initiating process for polymerization methyacrylate using benzoyl peroxide as an intiator at (70°C ) and(10%) ratio of conversion. Conversion of the ester group of the Poly (Methylacrylate) in to Hydroxamicacid was carried out by treatment of (PMA) with hydroxylaminehydrochloride in alkaline medium at (pH=13) using Sodium Hydroxide. The poly hydroxamic acid was identified by (FT-IR) spectroscopy. Sorption
more » ... scopy. Sorption Capacity (qe) of the metal ions (Fe 3+ ) , (Cu 2+ ),( Ni 2+ (, )Co 2+ ) ,( Cr 3+ ),( V 3+ ),( Zn 2+ ),(Al 3+ )and )Pb 2+ ) by using (PHA) was determined . Also the study showed that there was an effect of initial (pH) and temperature on the sorption capacity of the metal ions , by poly Hydroxamic acid.
doi:10.33899/edusj.2013.163109 fatcat:aym4yvjrabb7hfoayqmxdbifdq