Life table of Tetranychus urticae (Koch) (Acari: Tetranycidae) on different Turkish eggplant cultivars under controlled conditions

Nabi Alper Kumral, Pınar Hephızlı Göksel, Elif Aysan, Ayşenur Kolcu, Olivier Bonato
The life table parameters of Tetranychus urticae were evaluated on 7 eggplant cultivars namely, Anamur, Aydin Siyahi, Balikesir 76, Kemer, Pala 49, Topan 374, Yalova Topan, in controlled laboratory conditions in day ight for 16 hours 27 +/- 1 °C temperature, 65% relative humidity. Assays were conducted on eggplant leaflets in Petri dishes. There was a significant difference in the durations of egg and juvenile development of T. urticae. However the survival rates of T. urticae were not
more » ... e were not significantly different on the tested eggplant cultivars. The values of the natural rate of increase, rm, (0.218-0.269), net reproduction rate, R0, (26.74-45.51) and the mean generation time, T, (13.31-15.45) significantly differed among eggplant cultivars. Notably, the shortest development duration as indicated by the lowest rm and R0 values were observed on Pala 49 followed by Anamur and Balikesir 76 cultivars.
doi:10.24349/acarologia/20194307 fatcat:rizsvhennjertmsozeclt35iue