Non-destructive Characterisation of Carbon Films [chapter]

Andrea C. Ferrari
Tribology of Diamond-Like Carbon Films  
The availability of reliable characterisation tools for carbon films down to a few atomic layers' thickness is one of the most decisive factors for technology development and production. In particular, non-destructive techniques are preferred. This chapter reviews the use of x-ray reflectivity, surface acoustic waves, and Raman spectroscopy to characterise carbon films in terms of density, thickness, layering, elastic constants, roughness, structure, and chemical composition. Raman
more » ... Raman spectroscopy, in particular, allows to probe of most of the materials properties, even if indirectly. The use of atomic force microscopy (AFM) will be considered to assess the basic growth mechanism of carbon films. The measurement of thermal conductivity of carbon films will also be reviewed.
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-49891-1_2 fatcat:hkkdfzvnuffhbp2mlrob5t47gy