Basic approaches to the definition of the concept of "videogame" as an element of modern scientific discourse

Olexandr Horban, Maria Maletska
2018 Cхід  
The article explores the concept of "videogame" as a narrative of modern social and philosophical thought, which considers a video game through the prism of the gaming of social and individual life of a person. It is emphasized that despite the active penetration of videogames into the life of a person, a general concept of a "videogame" has not yet been formed in scientific discourse that would comprehensively cover this phenomenon, reflect its specific features and determine the further
more » ... ions of research. It is proposed to supplement the concept of "videogames" with the following characteristics: 1) Videogame becomes new cultural phenomenon, one of parts of the mass culture and art of the modern world; 2) Videogame forms not only a virtual world, virtual space. Nearby the virtual space of game forms special society, also in this space can be formed special culture, ethic and morality that modifies real standards; 3) Videogame may be merely game for fun; however, it also can bring some ideas: philosophical, political etc.; 4) Interactive in videogames depends on a genre or platform of the game. "Videogame" concept should include not only indication of interactive, but also capability of levels and variety of interaction between game and player; 5) "Videogame" concept should describe videogame as complex phenomenon that have positive and negative aspects. Emphasizing on one side may reduce concept. It is concluded that the video game will become a new cultural phenomenon, part of the mass and artistic culture of the twentieth century. The expansion of the currently available concept "videogame" can bring closer the formation of a stable scientific concept, which will become the foundation for the development of a scientific discourse on the study of gaming as a general theory of videogames.
doi:10.21847/1728-9343.2018.3(155).139675 fatcat:xjh56s7zknekregcoj5rpyxrvy