GeorgeYeates Hunter, GeorgeYeates Hunter, HenryGeorge Hoffman, A. Willey, Wm.Henry Thornton, Wm.Preston Price, OwenAlbert Philip, GeorgeMayris Pittock, Frederick Chambers, David Price, WM. Bold Atkinson, H.K. Stocks
1858 The Lancet  
if he cannot practise in one place, how can he in another? 2nd.-That, as registered persons, we have acquired certain legal rights. What can this mean but that all unregistered persons are now compelled to strip themselves of any preassumed powers they have ventured to take upon themselves? They have now no legal rights; therefore, if they act like registered persons, they will be acting illegally, and must be punished accordingly. I think, therefore, that I have proved my 3rd conclusion.-That
more » ... d conclusion.-That any unregistered person infringing upon our rights in any way whatever is liable to prosecution. These, Sir, are in my opinion the grand uses of our Registration Associations-namely, not only that we shall assist the Registrar so that no unqualified person shall get upon the Register, but also that we shall protect the public and ourselves from the illegal practice of medicine and surgery by unregistered and therefore unqualified pretenders. I say that we have power enough to prevent illegal practice now, and I trust that we shall use the power which we now possess. I am, Sir, yours obediently, Harrow-road, Paddington, Dec. 1858.
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