A note on consistent anomalies

Laurent Baulieu, Céline Laroche, Marco Picco, Nobuyoshi Ohta
1997 Physics Letters B  
Within a BRST formulation, we determine the expressions of the consistent anomaly for superstrings with extended worldsheet supersymmetries of rank N. We consider the O(N) superconformal algebras up to N=4, as well as the 'small N=4' superalgebra. This is done using a superfield formalism, allowing to recover previous results that were expressed in components. Moreover, we identify the 'small N=4' algebra as the constrained 'large N=4' via a self-duality like condition in superspace.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(97)01134-9 fatcat:vq5fh44erfftfhxxsnzjqjwrpa