Intelligent Search Framework Technology for Power Grid Dispatching Equipment Monitoring

ZHAI Haibao, HAN Bowen, WU Guosong
2021 Shanghai Jiaotong Daxue xuebao  
The development of power grid dispatching and monitoring business brings forward new requirements for the digitization and intelligence of dispatching systems. In combination with the power grid regulation data and business characteristics, this paper studies the intelligent search framework for power grid dispatching and monitoring, as well as the key technologies such as power domain thesaurus modeling, power feature word segmentation algorithm, multi-factor correlation sorting algorithm,
more » ... r knowledge map correlation modeling, etc. The grid intelligent search application for regulation cloud is developed to realize the search of grid equipment model, equipment operation, monitoring events, and services, which can comprehensively, accurately, quickly and intelligently retrieve the monitoring and operation data of massive dispatching equipment, and provide strong support for the business management and decision-making of dispatching equipment monitoring.
doi:10.16183/j.cnki.jsjtu.2021.s2.003 doaj:0f3afa286daa4fcfa640e4eafc31a41f fatcat:xxkvifne3jakbjysseexaf76d4