The Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, April 8, 1921] [article]

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If yon hava -rr.'"' ci^ifre!i' Ad. In the Free 4 FORTY-SEVENTH YEAR ifOCWORKED ON THE f__ BYSEfEKESTOli WO UNDED GREEK SOLDIERS ARE aimo >( m 11 tftti r-4"-ress-'S Winnipe*. April 8-T*le*rmph a In Wlnalpe*badly crippled yesterday, as a resalt of the storm of Wednesday. No press wires bare been operated to tbla cUy for thirty hoars. The Canadian Press wire to Regina and farther west was lost Wednesday, and hare been silent since that time. Baskatchewan and AlberU newsDSDen are ^ 8-Wounded Creel
more » ... as boldlera are arriving In such nam-Smyrna andn Broea front! receiving news reports from Seattle via Vancouver and Calgary. Wlnnle.n»™ received nothing yester-peg papers received nothing yei day until late In the afternoon, in the evening Oansdlaa Nath m toe eirening Oansdlaa National Telegraphers had succeeded in re-es-Ubllahlng connection with 8t. Paul and Eastern Canada and a frag mentary news report secured. The weather today la fine and turn lug warmer and the Ice will he melt ed from the wires, but U will be som< days before normal service la res tored everywhere. Officials of thi Canadian Pacific Telegraphs expected this morning that the wires east and south of Winnipeg would be working during the day. but no hopes were entertained that wires west of Winnipeg would be recovered as miles of poles are down and carried away In the mass of lee laden wires. Atheu soldiers l^rs frou oiiijrua anun uroea Iron that sanitary autholtles In this cou r are unable to care for them pr ,-rly. Two thousand Injured m( arrived at Pleraeus yesterday at lequate hospital accomm .VatlonXr«^;V aiwuraerunUI after Regent Horthy and " ml --------"lsl result of th" , *PK8eeted by cerul's"o'f'^h" 'he holdngs of the company had been legaJ-'he .Ukkcst-i^n ai.OOOAWO BDBHEIM Washington. April 8-^Porecaat of a winter wheat crop of about 681.-000.800 bneheb -was mode today by ! Department of AgrlcuUnre, which uvt <»• estimate on the condition AprU ■ -------*•
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