Entropy-cooled nonequilibrium states of the Hubbard model

Philipp Werner, Jianju Li, Denis Golež, Martin Eckstein
2019 Physical review B  
We show that the recently proposed cooling-by-doping mechanism allows to efficiently prepare interesting nonequilibrium states of the Hubbard model. Using nonequilibrium dynamical mean field theory and a particle-hole symmetric setup with dipolar excitations to full and empty bands we produce cold photo-doped Mott insulating states with a sharp Drude peak in the optical conductivity, a superconducting state in the repulsive Hubbard model with an inverted population, and η-paired states in
more » ... s with a large density of doublons and holons. The reshuffling of entropy into full and empty bands not only provides an efficient cooling mechanism, it also allows to overcome thermalization bottlenecks and slow dynamics that have been observed in systems cooled by the coupling to boson baths.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.100.155130 fatcat:zopj73divndfjam3cntfnallhi