S. S. Maletin
2015 Bulletin of Kemerovo State University  
The paper considers the issues of emergence and the basic stages of propagation of slums in the world. Slums have become quite common in the 19th – early 20th centuries in the major cities of the industrialized countries of Europe and North America. Slums are residential areas of spontaneous development of high population density in urban areas consisting of dilapidated, substandard and uncomfortable dwellings. In the second half of the 20th century slums became widespread in Africa, Asia and
more » ... Africa, Asia and Latin America. The formation of slums in developing countries was due to rapid urbanization, migration of rural population to the cities, unemployment and poverty. The most popular destinations of slum tourism are in Brazil, India and South Africa. The motivation of 'slum' tourists is largely due to the specific characteristics of the attractiveness of slums. The growth of slums in the world contributes to the development of slum tourism in the future.
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