A Creep Damage Constitutive Model for a Rock Mass with Nonpersistent Joints under Uniaxial Compression

Shuran Lv, Wanqing Wang, Hongyan Liu
2019 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
As part of the rock mass, both the mesoscopic and macroscopic flaws will affect the creep mechanical behavior of the rock mass with nonpersistent joints. This study focuses on this kind of rock mass and establishes a creep damage model to account for the effect of the joint on its creep mechanical behavior. First, on basis of analyzing the rock element creep mechanism and the typical creep deformation curve, a new creep damage constitutive model for the rock element is set up by introducing the
more » ... by introducing the damage theory and Kachanov damage evolution law into the classic creep constitutive model such as J body model. Second, the determination method of the proposed model parameters is studied in detail. Third, the calculation method of the macroscopic damage caused by the joint proposed by others is introduced which can consider the joint geometry, strength, and deformation parameters at the same time. Finally, the creep damage model for the rock mass with nonpersistent joints under uniaxial compression is proposed. The calculation examples indicate that it can present the effect of the joint on the rock mass creep mechanical behavior.
doi:10.1155/2019/4361458 fatcat:6ehtjidu3bddhiz6gpvbthhj7u