Food Composition of Raw, Boiled, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
생고구마와 삶은 및 구운 고구마의 식품성분 비교

Soyoung Kim, Dongwon Seo, Jisoo Park, Se-na Kim, Youngmin Choi, Jin-sik Nam, Jong-Hun Lee, Sang-Cheon Kim, Mi-Ok Yang, Jinbong Hwang
2017 The Korean Journal of Community Living Science  
In this study, two kinds of chestnut-sweet potato (CSP) and pumpkin-sweet potato (PSP) were cooked by three methods: raw, steaming, and roasting. These samples were investigated in food compositions such as moisture, protein, ash, dietary fiber, fat, minerals, and vitamins. As the results of this study, the moisture contents of raw CSP and raw PSP were higher than those of steamed and roasted samples in two cultivars. The contents of protein in raw CSP and raw PSP were 2.57 g/100 g and 3.22
more » ... 0 g, respectively, which were higher than those of other cultivars. The protein contents of roasted CSP and steamed PSP were lower than those of their raw samples. The potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and iron values of PSP were 1,048.46 mg/100g, 152.02 mg/100g, 74.70 mg/100g, 57.22 mg/100g, 22.28 mg/100g, and 1.44 mg/100g, respectively, which were the highest values in tested sweet potato cultivars. The content of dietary fiber in CSP was higher generally
doi:10.7856/kjcls.2017.28.1.59 fatcat:dzr4vet5frhdpmmbm5t6x3luae