Identification of Sugar, Amino Acids and Minerals from the Pollen of Jandaíra Stingless Bees (Melipona subnitida)

Girliane Regina da Silva, Tamires Botelho da Natividade, Celso Amorim Camara, Eva Monica Sarmento da Silva, Francisco de Assis Ribeiro dos Santos, Tania Maria Sarmento Silva
2014 Food and Nutrition Sciences  
The aim of this investigation was to analyze two samples of pollen from jandaíra stingless bees (Melipona subnitida) in view of their mineral composition, free amino acids and sugars. Palynological analysis showed that the predominant pollen was monofloral from Senna sp. species (94.5%, pollen 2011) and the second pollen sample showed the presence of two primary species, Chamaecrista sp. (39.2% pollen 2009) and Mimosa tenuiflora (43.5%) (pollen 2009). The highest mineral content was potassium.
more » ... he bee pollen contained 20.8% and 31.0% of mannitol in samples from 2011 and 2009, respectively. Proline and serine are the predominant amino acids. High content of essential amino acids, minerals and the sugar mannitol confirmed high nutritional value of pollen samples from jandaíra bees.
doi:10.4236/fns.2014.511112 fatcat:op5rua3ksfcyziwmbqcowujszy