Investigation of an Optical-Fiber Based Beam Loss Monitor at the J-PARC Extraction Neutrino Beamline

Son Cao, Megan Friend, Bruno, Gustavo (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), Tavares, Daniel (Ed.), Picoreti, Renan (Ed.), Marques, Sergio (Ed.)
Optical fibers, which at once generate and guide Cherenkov light when charged particles pass through them, are widely used to monitor the beam loss at accelerator facilities. In this report, we investigate this application at the J-PARC extraction neutrino beamline, where a 30GeV proton beam with eight bunches of ~20ns (1σ) bunch width and 581ns bucket length, is extracted from the Main Ring, guided, and hit onto a graphite target to produce a highly intense beam of neutrinos. Three 30m-length
more » ... . Three 30m-length 200um-core-diameter optical fibers, which are arranged flexibly to form 60m or 90m length fibers, were installed in the beamline. The beam loss signal was observed with the Muti-Pixel Photon Counters. We will discuss the result and prospects of using optical fibers for monitoring and locating the beam loss source.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2020-wepp06 fatcat:wewnhu5a6nb47avmhuxz3saruq