Johan Fredrik Koibur, Kustono (Kustono), Diah Tri Widayati
2012 Buletin Peternakan  
<p>Five females of 1 up to 2.5 years old Gray Tree Kangaroo (Dendrologus inustus), 10.83 kg body weight and 72.8 cm body length were dissected, and then the reproductive organ were observed for its morphology, length, and weight<br />using digital camera, tape measured and scale. This study used experimental studies-descriptive case study technique, statistical analytic and correlation displayed in the average value and standard deviation (SD). The length of female D. inustus reproductive organ
more » ... reproductive organ was 18.88±0.78 cm (left) and 19.00±0.78 cm (right). The length of ovarian was 1 cm (left/right), the weights of left and right of ovarian weight were 0.59±0.85 g (left) and 1 g (right), respectively. Diameter<br />and length of fallopian tube, uterine horn, corpus uteri, and cervical were 0.57±0.01 mm (left) and 0.60±0.01 mm (right) and 3.00 cm (left) and 3.26±0.18 cm (right); 0.54±0.02 mm (left) and 0.56±0.02 mm (right) and 4 cm (left) and 4.8±0.45 cm (right); 1.16±0.09 mm (left) and 1.3±0.12 mm (right) and 1 cm (left/right); 0.3 mm (left/right) and 3 cm (left/right), respectively. Length of vagina and vulva were 4 and 2 cm, respectively. The result showed that shape and model of D. inustus reproductive organs were similar with the mammalian female reproductive organs in general but all of the organs have two sparated parts with different sizes.</p><p><br />(Key words: Female reproductive organs, Gray Tree Kangaroo)<br /><br /></p>
doi:10.21059/buletinpeternak.v35i1.586 fatcat:qtc4czku5beh7fzb66i5xy7com