ORIGINAL ARTICLES Production of Biodiesel Fuel from the Industrial Wastes of The Oil and Soap Industrial Sector

H Soliman, H Soliman, O Kinawy, F Zaher
Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
This work assesses the feasibility of utilizing mucilage wasted from the alkali refining process of crude vegetable oils to produce biodiesel fuel. The production of biodiesel fuel using the mucilage has been done through two main consecutive processes. The first process involves the production of fatty acids from mucilage by acidulation to liberate the fatty acids followed by distillation of the produced crude fatty acids to give a more pure product. In the second process, the produced fatty
more » ... ids were esterified with methyl and ethyl alcohols in presence of sulfuric acid as a catalyst to yield methyl as well as ethyl esters. The produced biodiesel fuels have been then evaluated as a fuel of diesel engines according to their fuel properties compared to the standard specifications of a diesel fuel. The fuel properties include the viscosity, calorific value, flash point, pour point..etc Also, the performance of a diesel engine operated using a 50% blend of solar and each of the two fatty acids esters(methyl and ethyl) was compared to that using solar at different engine loadings. The indicated power, the break power and the break specific fuel consumption were recorded each time .The results have shown that the brake thermal efficiency at full engine loading using a 50% mixture of solar and the fatty acids methyl esters was better than that using solar only.