Electrochemical Removal of Chromium (VI) from Wastewater

Hao Peng, Yumeng Leng, Jing Guo
2019 Applied Sciences  
The removal of hexavalent chromium has attracted much attention as it is a hazardous contaminant. Electrochemical reduction technology was applied to remove chromium (VI) from wastewater. The mechanisms and parameters that affect the reduction process were investigated. The results showed that the reduction efficiency was significantly affected by the concentration of H2SO4, current density, and reaction temperature. The reduction efficiency was up to 86.45% at an H2SO4 concentration of 100
more » ... reaction temperature of 70 °C, current density at 50 A/m2, reaction time at 180 min, and stirring rate of 500 rpm. The reduction process of chromium (VI) followed a pseudo-first-order equation, and the reduction rate constant could be expressed as Kobs = k [H2SO4]1·[j]4·exp−4170/RT.
doi:10.3390/app9061156 fatcat:pc42jfuwg5hglh3ekm4567v2vi