Rough Number–Based Three-Way Group Decisions and Application in Influenza Emergency Management

Fan Jia, Peide Liu
2019 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems  
A B S T R A C T Group decision-making can effectively deal with complex decision problems in reality and takes important research status in the field of decision-making. In recent years, three-way decision has been a hot topic in the field of uncertain decision-making, so the models of three-way decision under group environment have become a new direction and problem in decision-making research. Based on the subjectivity and uncertainty of the group judgment, this paper adopts the rough number
more » ... s the rough number method to objectively and effectively integrate the group information so as to establish rough number-based three-way decision models. First of all, we use rough numbers to transfer loss functions of individuals into a rough number-based gathering loss function, and verify the rough number-based loss function meets the general characteristics of general loss functions. Then from the perspectives of optimism, pessimism, risk preference of decision-makers, and directly operation of rough numbers, we explore the calculation of thresholds and the acquisition method of three-way rules, and then establish rough number-based three-way group decision models. Finally, influenza emergency management is introduced to verify the effectiveness and advancement of the novel method. namely, acceptance, delayed decision-making, and rejection. Two important elements in the DTRS are the conditional probability and the threshold. The final decision-making behavior is determined by comparing their magnitude. Three-way decision-making has already been widely applied in many areas, such as investment decision-making [3, 4, 5] , conflict analysis [6], face recognition [7, 8] , email filtering [9], medical diagnosis [10, 11] , and recommendation systems [12, 13] .
doi:10.2991/ijcis.d.190420.001 fatcat:pnrqcqmmkjhpvifasdgz2g4lvu