Psychological aspects of ortho-surgical protocols

A. Clément, H. Guilyardi, M. Makaremi, P. Goudot, T. Schouman
2016 Journal of Dentofacial Anomalies and Orthodontics  
By the results of an exploratory research, we were able to put forward the specificity of the request in ortho-surgical protocol. Even if many studies evaluated correlations between psychological profiles and postoperative dissatisfaction, no one asked for the link between initial request and postoperative dissatisfaction. We suggest setting up an observation and forwardlooking research's protocol: 100 patients must been followed in a longitudinal way during 3 years (medium time between the
more » ... ime between the first consultation and 6 months after the surgery). The whole duration of the study is about 4 years. It's divided in three times: treatment's proposal, preoperative hospitalization's day, postoperative hospitalization's day (three psychological interviews after the auto-administration of a clinical questionnaire, the Rathus Scale, the Hamilton depression and anxiety scale and the SF-36 quality of life scale. The research's main objective is to study the correlation between initial request and the satisfaction level. The second objectives are the evaluation of self-respect, anxiety, depression, and quality of life scales at the three times of the research, and the evaluation of the psychological following's impact on the results. Thirdly, we want to set up a questionnaire upon the initial request to help the practitioners.
doi:10.1051/odfen/2015043 fatcat:j3mltrt5zvdxdecjmnz4tzkkt4