Impact of updated radiative transfer scheme in RACMO2.3p3 on the surface mass and energy budget of the Greenland ice sheet [post]

Christiaan T. van Dalum, Willem Jan van de Berg, Michiel R. van den Broeke
2020 unpublished
Abstract. This study evaluates the impact of a new snow and ice albedo and radiative transfer scheme on the surface mass and energy budget for the Greenland ice sheet in the latest version of the regional climate model RACMO2, version 2.3p3. We also evaluate the modeled (sub)surface temperature and snow melt, as subsurface heating by radiation penetration now occurs. The results are compared to the previous model version and are evaluated against stake measurements and automatic weather station
more » ... tic weather station data of the K-transect and PROMICE projects. In addition, subsurface snow temperature profiles are compared at the K-transect, Summit and southeast Greenland. The surface mass balance is in good agreement with observations, and only changes considerably with respect to the previous RACMO2 version around the ice margins and in the percolation zone. Snow melt and refreezing, on the other hand, are changed more substantially in various regions due to the changed albedo representation, subsurface energy absorption and melt water percolation. Internal heating leads to considerably higher snow temperatures in summer, in agreement with observations, and introduces a shallow layer of subsurface melt.
doi:10.5194/tc-2020-259 fatcat:mwifarg5zrg5dj2yozrqp7obem