Salt Inducible Kinase activation and IRE1-dependent intracellular ATP depletion to form Sec bodies in Drosophila cells [article]

Chujun Zhang, Wessel van Leeuwen, Marloes Blotenburg, Angelica Aguilera-Gomez, Sem Brussee, Rianne Grond, Harm H. Kampinga, Catherine Rabouille
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
AbstractThe phase separation of the non-membrane bound Sec bodies occurs in Drosophila S2 cells by coalescence of components of the ER exit sites under the stress of amino-acid starvation. Here we address which signaling pathways cause Sec body formation. We find that two pathways are critical. The first is a SIK dependent pathway induced by salt (NaCl) stress in a necessary and sufficient manner. The second is the activation of IRE1 (one of the key kinases mediating the Unfolded Protein
more » ... lded Protein Response) by absence of amino- acids, which partly leads to the depletion of intracellular ATP. However, IRE1 activation is not sufficient to induce Sec body formation and needs to be combined to salt stress. This works pioneers the role of SIK in phase transition and re-enforces the role of IRE1 as a metabolic sensor for the level of circulating amino-acids.
doi:10.1101/2021.01.16.426665 fatcat:auuibxmwhvckhbqjqbrul5znai