Mn(II) Ions Biosorption from Aqueous Solution Using Pleurotus Spent Mushroom Compost under Batch Experiment

Ain Nihla Kamarudzaman, Tay Chia Chay, Amnorzahira Amir, Suhaimi Abdul Talib
2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
The Pleurotus spent mushroom compost was selected as biosorbent to sorption Mn(II) ions. The Mn(II) ions biosorption was investigated under batch experiments. The influences of pH, contact time and initial Mn(II) concentration were also investigated. The optimum Mn(II) ions biosorption was achieved at pH 6, 20 minutes of contact time and 10 mg/L of initial Mn(II) concentration using 1.0 g biosorbent dosage. The Mn(II) ions biosorption experimental data were best described by the Langmuir
more » ... the Langmuir isotherm model and pseudo-second order kinetic model. As conclusion, the Pleurotus spent mushroom compost can be used to sorption the Mn(II) ions from the aqueous solution.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:3auhmiypcfbxnaz2yp5vr35igy