Numerical Study of a Winged Container Moving in an Air Tunnel

W M Shibani, M F Zulkafli, B Basuno
2016 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
This study explores the movement of an object placed in an air tunnel. In expectation this exploration leads to obtaining a suitable shape of the object and the flow parameters, the object moves along the air tunnel has a particular trajectory. This study used the body of the main object is a cube in which a rectangular wing of aspect ratio 2 is set in the middle of body object. The object can be used as a carrier to transport goods from one place to another through an air tunnel. Three types
more » ... nnel. Three types wing-cube configurations, they are namely wingcube configuration with airfoil sections (1) FX63-137, (2) NACA 4412, and (3) NACA 0012 are evaluated by using Fluent's software. The flow problems are treated as an internal flow problem with the assumption that the pressure ratio between the inlet and outlet of the air tunnel is 700 N/m 2 . The flow is treated as turbulent flow with − as its turbulence modelling. In this respect Fluent uses a SIMPLE scheme for solving their governing equation of fluid motion. Their computational results on the way the object moves along the air tunnel, it had been the carrier which uses airfoil NACA 0012 has better performance than the carrier that uses airfoil FX 63-137 or airfoil NACA 4412. This research work gives contribution in understanding the movement of the carrier in the form wing-cube configuration inside an air tunnel.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/160/1/012041 fatcat:ocdccyngbbeipaeqhwf3gubaem