Beetle Inspired Electrospray Vapor Chamber

Yuejun Zhao, Jonathan B. Boreyko, Meng-Han Chiang, Christopher H. Baker, Chuan-Hua Chen
2009 ASME 2009 Second International Conference on Micro/Nanoscale Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 3   unpublished
We present the proof-of-concept for a biomimetic electrospray vapor chamber (BEVAC) which can potentially eliminate the wick structures and thermal interface materials used in conventional vapor chambers, and enable direct cooling of the backside of a microprocessor. This vapor chamber has a beetle-inspired superhydrophobic condenser with hydrophilic bumps on which condensate of the working fluid accumulates. The condensate is returned to the evaporator by electrostatic forces (electrospray
more » ... ization). We have demonstrated this novel liquid return mechanism with an open-system BEVAC prototype in which an external voltage is applied between a wickless evaporator and a microfabricated condenser with hybrid wettability.
doi:10.1115/mnhmt2009-18498 fatcat:ouzgi347ofdhfeeca6smgfstta