Selected Aspects of Sustainable Mobility Reveals Implementable Approaches and Conceivable Actions

Suprava Chakraborty, Nallapaneni Manoj Kumar, Arunkumar Jayakumar, Santanu Kumar Dash, Devaraj Elangovan
2021 Sustainability  
The transportation sector plays a prominent role in driving the economy of any given nation. However, with the recent tensions arising in and around the transportation sector, sustainable mobility concepts have evolved. However, it is quite unclear whether sustainable mobility is feasible and exhibits economic returns, environmental benefits, and societal advantages. Hence, taking into account the environmental, economic, and social impact, and technical possibilities, this study intends to
more » ... yse sustainable mobility in relation to economic returns, environmental benefits and societal advantages using bibliometric analysis. For this study, we considered two decades of research, from 2001 to 2021. An in-depth search was performed on articles generated in the last two decades to assess the state of the literature on sustainable mobility. The most reverent, frequently referenced papers and influential journals in the field of sustainable mobility were identified. The acquired findings highlight the most prominent publications, journals, and authors who have made significant contributions to sustainable mobility studies, as well as the sub-areas or themes linked to sustainable mobility. Overall, the analysis discovered current paradigms, significant research topics, and a relationship between the domains of sustainable mobility studies. Meanwhile, this study also demonstrates advancements in the primary themes and sub-areas during the previous 20 years and alterations in future research fields. In addition, this study identified the promotion of rapid-reliable-safe-convenient (RRSC) transportation services, reduction in urban car traffic, and support to low transportation demand as the critical steps that require immediate attention in order to build a sustainable mobility future. We also observed that hydrogen would be a promising fuel and potential technology for the future mobility sector in the post-COVID era.
doi:10.3390/su132212918 fatcat:4iqrhjwy6vdvrofeezzv2dkqsy