Sub-Poissonian photocurrent statistics: Theory and undergraduate experiment

A. C. Funk, M. Beck
1997 American Journal of Physics  
We present the results of an experiment in which w e observe a sub-Poissonian photocurrent. This photocurrent is generated by detecting the light emitted from a high-quantum-eciency light-emitting diode driven by a high-impediance current source. We also present classical, semi-classical and quantum mechanical theories of photoelectric detection. The observed sub-Poissonian statistics are in agreement with quantum mechanical predictions, but are unexplainable using the classical and
more » ... cal and semi-classical theories. The experiment uses only equipment already found in most undergraduate laboratories, making this a nice experiment to demonstrate a purely quantum mechanical eect.
doi:10.1119/1.18577 fatcat:boez54azdnevhaufm6z4ake2e4