Rapid Riding

1855 Scientific American  
whether wool, silk, or cotton, must be perfectly white to receive this color. The most simple meth od to dye it on wool, is with quercitron bark and cochineal. The dye kettle being per fectly clean, and the water boiling, a very small quantity of the clear liquor of scalded bark (quercitron) is added, and then a snuff -a mere snuff-of ground cochineal ; these are suffered to boil for five minutes, when a little chloride of tin and cream of tartar are added, the gooils entered, smartly handled,
more » ... , smartly handled, and boiled for twenty minutes, when the col or will be complete. The peculiar shade is produced by t,he quantity of dye stuffs used. It is not possible to give the particularquan-, tity, because there is such a difference in the
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05191855-282c fatcat:6ujb3ywipnaczhutgdftfeyxwu