Development of a Local Air Surveillance System for Security Purposes: Design and Core Characteristics

Björn Dietrich, Sebastian Iff, Juliane Profelt, Tobias Albers, Kevin Blaschke
2017 European Journal for Security Research  
Unmanned aerial systems represent a considerable threat to human beings and to infrastructure. Often civil drones are simply used for leisure activities and fun, but the potential usage within criminal acts and even possible terrorist attacks is increasingly being picked up on by the public and media. There is an urgent need for an air surveillance system to support the work of the police, military and other security task forces. This article describes a study performed at the German Aerospace
more » ... enter, which shows a way towards such a local air surveillance system in demand. Many aspects of the system have been addressed, including different scenarios, possible user requirements, a variety of sensors and the subsequent signal processing and potential data fusion. Two sensors, an optical and a radar one, will be introduced in more detail, followed by the definition of the core unit of the surveillance architecture, the so-called central system. It connects several sensors that are appropriate to a surveillance mission, and gathers as well as provides the necessary information to the users. Furthermore, it allows the control of sensors and signal processing by the operator. The study presents the variety of crucial technical aspects and details which have to be considered and evaluated for developing purposes. It serves also as a basis for the definition of a final air surveillance system, and for the derivation of development requirements for sensors, data handling and user interface.
doi:10.1007/s41125-017-0015-7 fatcat:7qsmi3ahbnbj3jkhfzjdstz24u