Extremism among university students and their relationship to personality patterns

2019 Zanco Journal of Humanity Sciences  
In light of the deteriorating political and economic situation in our country, as well as the students' concern about the future of the unemployed and the inability to cope with the demands of renewed life, these factors may lead university students to extremism as a way to face these challenges. But we have to realize that these ideas quickly turn into psychological disorders and delinquency up to hurt themselves and hurt others without counting to what will happen. When extremism turns from
more » ... remism turns from thought to violent patterns of behavior from attacks on freedoms, property and lives or the formation of armed organizations used against society and the state, it turns into terrorism. Since extremism in thought is a way of treating thought.
doi:10.21271/zjhs.23.s3.29 fatcat:wvydi3tgpvf6zcl7lvaeco2e6y