Louisiana Limitrophe: A Morphological Exegesis of Caddo Bottle Shape [post]

Robert Z. Selden
2019 unpublished
The analysis adduces 72 Caddo bottles from 19 sites to test the hypothesis of distinct bottle morphologies associated with sites north and south of the shape boundary from within the spatial extent of the preceding Fourche Maline and Mossy Grove culture areas. This analysis was followed by additional tests to identify whether a difference in Formative/Early and Late/Historic Caddo bottle shapes occurs between and among the northern and southern Caddo groups in the southern Caddo area. Other
more » ... s include whether bottle shape varies with size, whether the null hypothesis of parallel slopes for Formative/Early and Late/Historic Caddo bottles is supported or rejected, and whether any group displays greater shape or size variation among individuals relative to other groups.
doi:10.31235/osf.io/rpnd5 fatcat:fumvi7pd2bd33ppkcmfaen3svq