Aerodynamic Shape Optimization [chapter]

2015 Simulation-Driven Aerodynamic Design Using Variable-Fidelity Models  
This paper presents a historical perspective on the development and application of aerodynamic shape optimization (ASO) methods for supersonic aircraft design. The motivation for using ASO for supersonic transport design is discussed. The accelerated research and development that several ASO methods underwent during the NASA High Speed Research Program is presented. The various ASO algorithms are compared to facilitate an understanding of the proper application of these methods. The continued
more » ... velopment of ASO for supersonic aircraft on several fronts is described, including aero-structural optimization, sonic-boom minimization and laminar flow wing design. The paper closes with a discussion on future research activities and possible pathways to the creation of the next supersonic commercial transport.
doi:10.1142/9781783266296_0002 fatcat:y545vhdwevcexbj6gvy6vbubai